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Welcome Immaculata, Class of 1984!

Here we present a retro look - all the way back to our high school days! Does anyone remember the top song of 1984? What was in the news in 1982? Which teacher taught you in English, or Calculus? Do you remember Sarge or Sister Bill?

Choose the link that you want to visit - we feature Entertainment (Top Songs, TV shows, and movies from 1984), News stories from each year 1981-1984, and who was who at IHS in 1983-84. So go on and get back in retro style as you flash back in time!


Top Movies from 1984
Top TV Shows from 1984
Top Songs from 1984

Immaculata - 1984!

Favorite Teachers
Favorite Memories

News in Review

News from 1981
News from 1982
News from 1983
News from 1984