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Welcome Immaculata, Class of 1984!


Can you please help us find our lost alumni?! Here is the list we have, with no confirmed current address or contact info about them.

You can check out their profile page to see the last address we have for them, and their married names, if known.

If you know the contact info for any of our lost alumni, please contact one of the reunion committee reps on the main page.

Julie Angele
Elizabeth Battlebury
Paul Boudreau
Elizabeth Chutoransky
Kristen Cocco
Stephanie Collins
Linda Cuccia
Frank Cuthbert
Robert D'Alesandro
Carolyn D'Annunzio
Kevin DeChirico
Patricia DiDomenico
Scott Eisenhower
Kim Evask
Stephen Fazekas
Ted Finlan
Anthony Gatali
Marie Gertsen
Lisa Gogal
Pierre Guyre
Donna Hood
Scott James
Courtney Jones
Mark Knitowski
Adrienne Lauer
Sandra Lupack
James MacDonald
Amy Merzena
Debbie Miller
Gerry Montague
Laura Morris
Maureen Onufer
Lisa Parello
Michael Perone
Elizabeth Phillps
Christine Reynolds
Sherri Semmel
Mike Sportack
Lauren Tomaski
Mike Yudicki